Total Recast | Patreon Exclusive ‘Justice League’ in 1995

You may be scratching your head thinking, “There was a Justice League movie in 1995?!” The answer no. That’s a dumb question. In this special Patreon edition, Sailor and Kane make up their own movie for the first by casting our own Justice League movie if it were made in the year 1995.

Following the similar script for our normal episodes, we cast a director, Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. This time, however, we each get to pick our own mystery superhero and mystery villain for our heroes to battle against.

We did have a few other rules too. We could only cast actors who would make sense for a studio to hire and not take chances on unknowns in 1995. So no, “I know Edward Norton is going to be a big deal in a year or two.” His first movie role was in 1996 so we wouldn’t have hired him in 1995 for this movie.

Let us know who you would have picked as your Justice League heroes for your own movie from 1995!

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Author: Vincent Kane

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