Total Recast | Patreon Exclusive ‘Streets of Fire’ (1984)

Want to hear an unedited practice run by Sailor and Kane before we launched our first episode? No. I don’t blame you but here it is anyway. Back when we thought we were going to be called “The Recast Podcast” but found out there was already a podcast with that name, we reviewed and recast Walter Hill’s cult hit, Streets of Fire.

You get to hear Sailor fumble through the intro, Kane trying to get us canceled before we even began among other unedited nuggets that were left in as we discuss a favorite of ours starring Willem Dafoe, Diane Lane, Michael Pare, and our beautiful baby boy, Bill Paxton. Ok, Paxton didn’t really do anything but get punched in the face a couple of times but we love him all the same.

Enjoy this unpolished mess compared to the glorious fine-tuned machine we are today.

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Author: Vincent Kane

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