ScreenAge Wasteland Comment Policy

ScreenAge Wasteland began as a community of film fans. And community – and the discussion of film – is why we continue to do what we do. But discussing anything on the internet can be dicey these days, and we don’t think it has to be.

Our goal with SAW is to foster a place where movie and TV fans can discuss and debate this thing we all love – film, TV, and associated media. That means we will often agree, but it will inevitably also mean that we will disagree. And that’s OK. After all, film, ultimately, is about communication. Movies and TV invite us into other people’s lives and introduce us to other worlds, cultures, and ways of thinking. We see our work here at SAW as an extension of that process.

So discuss. Debate. Agree and disagree. But we ask that you stick to the topic (no politics!) and we ask that you remember that the same rights that allow you to freely share your ideas and opinions here at ScreenAge Wasteland are also afforded your fellow commenters. Respect that and everything will be everything.

Disrespect it and we’ll toss your ass out.

Cordially Yours,
The Management