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ScreenAge Wasteland has one goal: to bring back the cinema conversations of old. That’s why we’re dedicated to growing and harvesting a community that discusses every genre of film and TV: new, old, or obscure.

The ScreenAge Wasteland team comes from diverse backgrounds across the globe. Our tastes in cinema are as varied as our zip codes. You can find most of us in the comments daily weighing in on the latest news and editorials or participating in the latest Shenanigans.

Our hope is for SAW to become a place where movie and TV fans can discuss and debate in an environment that is free from the usual negativity and trolling found elsewhere on the web. That means while we will often agree, it will inevitably also mean that we will disagree. And that’s OK. After all, film, ultimately, is about communication. Movies and TV invite us into other people’s lives and introduce us to other worlds, cultures, and ways of thinking. We see our work here at SAW as an extension of that process. Free thought and the exchange of ideas are paramount.

We welcome you into the wasteland.


Marmaduke Karlston (2019-)

When Karlston isn’t busy subtly managing content on ScreenAge Wasteland, he’s off collecting even more ’80s Blu-rays to never watch. If you hate Back to the Future, you better make like a tree and get out of here.

You can follow Karlston on social media at SAW’s official twitter @SAWasteland.

K. Alvarez (2019-)

A king without a throne. Just a guy who likes movies and music, has an enthusiasm for photography, beer and whiskey. And no, K. Alvarez isn’t my real name.

You can follow Alvarez on social media at SAW’s official instagram @screenage.wasteland.

Billy Dhalgren (2019-)

I’m that guy that writes about Star Wars and shit.

Sailor Monsoon (2019-)

Just like the hipster with the hook moustache you hate looking at, I love the movies you’ve never heard of.

Vincent Kane (2019-)

I like horror and stuff, but I hate most things.

You can follow Kane on twitter @vincentkane13.

Romona Comet (2019-)

I’m probably watching a rom-com right now.

You can follow Comet on twitter @itwaslikemagic1.

Bob Cram (2019-)

Would like to be mysterious but is instead, at best, slightly ambiguous.

You can follow Cram on twitter @bob_cram.

Lee McCutcheon (2019-)

Happy to watch absolutely anything, with a soft spot for world cinema.

You can follow McCutcheon on twitter @twentywordMR.

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