Alt+Poster: ‘Split Second’

We’re watching the 1992 post apocalyptic horror sci-fi film Split Second starring the late Rutger Hauer tonight for Monsoon Vision, and I stumbled across an alternate poster while fishing around for info on the film. I can usually able find information on the posters themselves, like the country they were designed for or the artist, but I was unable to find anything on this one. It might be the poster for the Yugoslavian theatrical release, but I can’t verify that for sure.

Anyway, as a poster, I prefer it to the original. Hauer looks more like Ray Stevenson in this rendering to me than Rutger Hauer, but at least this poster doesn’t spoil the whole damn film the way the American theatrical poster did. It lacks the darkness and sense of dread the mostly black American poster invokes, but it’s stylish, even if it gets the tone of the film all wrong. As a standalone piece of art, I prefer it to the original American poster for sure.

Alternate Version

American Version

And as a bonus, here’s the new artwork for the upcoming MVD Rewind BluRay release of Split Second due out this August. I don’t love it, and it still spoils the damn monster, but it’s probably the best of the three posters.

MVD Rewind BluRay Release

So which artwork do you prefer? What do you like or not like about each poster? Comment below and don’t forget to join us tonight to watch Split Second on Monsoon Vision! See you there!

Author: Dhalbaby

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