Can You Guess These Superhero Movie Quotes?

Guess That Quote! is a quiz where you get to show off your cinephile prowess by seeing if you can guess the correct quote uttered by a character in a film. Select the correct movie/character you think the quote is from and let us know your score down below in the comments! I guarantee that some of these will be more famous quotes than others just to keep you on your toes. This time it’s Ssuperhero themed!

So good luck andmay the odds be ever in your favor!”


#1. "Okay you cunts... Let's see what you can do now!"

#2. "You killed my father, your ass is mine!"

#3. "You jumpy slippery bastard... I got you now!"

#4. "We've got a blind date with destiny... and it looks like she's ordered the lobster."

#5. "Ta-daa! It's... it's gone."

#6. "There's an Ant-Man AND a Spider-Man?"

#7. "There's an old saying: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer."

#8. "We all have our little faults. Mine's in California."

#9. "It doesn't take a genius to see that the world has problems."

#10. "I could do this all day."


Tell us your score below!! What ones tripped you up??

Author: K. Alvarez

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