Coming to the Comments Near You: ScreenAge Wasteland

Film sites are a dime a dozen.

*pulls out a dime to make a grand gesture and clears throat*

Screen Rant. Variety. Deadline. /Film. Entertainment Weekly. Birth.Movies.Death. Collider. FilmExodus. MovieWeb. GeekTyrant. CinemaBlend. Empire.

The point is we know ScreenAge Wasteland (SAW) isn’t special. We know there are hundreds of movie sites or blogs for you to choose from. So how are we going to stand out in a crowded sea? By focusing on you.

Yes, you.

Community is our heart and soul. The idea of community – and the discussion of film – have always remained at the forefront no matter where we’ve found ourselves. In this day and age filled with toxic comments, trolls, and social commentary, we have managed to stick together and grow as a community through a shared love of cinema.

The goal for SAW is to foster a place where movie and TV fans can discuss and debate this thing we all love. That means we will often agree, but it will inevitably also mean that we will disagree. And that’s OK. After all, film, ultimately, is about communication.

Movies and TV invite us into other people’s lives and introduce us to other worlds, cultures, and ways of thinking. We see our work here at SAW as an extension of that process. Free thought and the exchange of ideas are paramount. To reference Cheers, we want SAW to be a place “where everybody knows your name” and where we’re “glad you came.”

Now if you’ve been tagged below, it means our paths have crossed over the past two years (perhaps more). Whether you’ve been with this community from the start, just joined, or left a long time ago, we want to give you a standing invitation to SAW. You will always be welcome (as long as you follow the Comment Policy *wink*).

You might be wondering how SAW is going to succeed when past attempts failed. We’ve made some tough changes that will hopefully be for the best. ‘Cause you know what, SAW might not yet be special, but this community is.

And like a certain teenager once said, “Don’t waste your potential.”

So we’re not.

Same regulars. Better content. New site.

Don’t nobody go nowhere.

The Wasteland welcomes you this June.

Follow us on Disqus to stay with us as we move closer to an official launch.

In the mean time click around and have a look!

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"