Don’t Get ‘Buffaloed’ by Zoey Deutch in This Trailer

Magnolia Pictures has released the trailer for the comedy film Buffaloed starring Zoey Deutch. Lets take a look!

I don’t know about you, but Zoey Deutch is rapidly becoming my favorite comedic actress. The supporting cast isn’t too bad either. The film co-stars Judy Greer, Jai Courtney, and Jermaine Fowler; Written by Brian Sacca and directed by Tanya Wexler.

Plot Synopsis:

Peg Dahl (Zoey Deutch) dreams of escaping her blue-collar childhood to attend an Ivy League university, banking on her wit and sharp tongue to secure her spot. Her excitement over an acceptance letter from her top tier school quickly fades when she admits that she cannot pay the tuition. Her fast cash scheme quickly escalates into a full-blown scalping operation with the Buffalo pack and time behind bars, until a fortuitous conversation with a debt collector promises to turn her luck around.

buffaloed body

Buffaloed hits theaters February 14, 2020.

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Author: Ralph Hosch

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