Down the Tubes: ‘Halloween’ Gets the Retrospective Treatment

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I don’t understand YouTube. There are channels dedicated to people opening packages of shit that have millions of subscribers, but Oliver Harper’s barely cracked 200k. (Then again, the Cash me outside girl is a millionaire, so I can’t even pretend to think the world makes sense.)

If you’ve never heard of Oliver Harper, he’s a YouTuber who does film commentary. And I get it: there are tons of people who do film commentary on YouTube, but Harper’s retrospectives are jam-packed with interesting information. They are impeccably researched, and really well-produced. He offers a bit of opinion here and there, but he mostly sticks to facts. And in an era where the loudest voices arer the most hyperbolic, it’s nice to hear a voice of reason now and then.

But enough about Harper. Like I said, his retrospectives are tops, and his Halloween retrospective is no exception. It’s the perfect YouTube video to get you in the mood for the season. Give it a listen and consider giving Harper a sub while you’re at it. (We aren’t being compensated to write this—I genuinely love this guy’s channel, and I think you will too.)

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Author: Dhalbaby

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