Down the Tubes: How Gender Obsession Can Ruin a Film

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I watched the new Charlie’s Angels for one reason and one reason only…Kristin Stewart. And well, it was free. So two reasons! But like thousands of other attempts at making a movie, there was nothing remotely memorable about this updated remake. I feel the creator of this video hits the nail on the head as he examines its failures. And no, it’s not because of men, Ms. Banks.

I believe the issue presented in the video is a lot of the issue today period. If everyone can do everything as good as others (we can’t) and we are able to be whatever we want to be (again we can’t), then how is anyone unique and different?

I enjoy strong and interesting characters regardless of gender. I think the problem is writers and directors don’t focus on writing strong and unique characters first and then assign them whatever label they need for the story. This video paints that picture and details that issue articulately without seeming like some misogynistic douche that I’m sure some will claim him to be.

There are spoilers if you haven’t seen it and want too but they aren’t anything that you couldn’t figure out for yourself going into the movie anyway. If you have no desire to ever watch or have seen it, I would like for you to let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

What did you think about what he had to say on there being no discernable identity among the Angels? Is this a problem you have experienced in other movies and shows or does it not really bother you? Let me know your thoughts and answers in the comments.

Author: Vincent Kane

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