Down the Tubes: Lessons From the Screenplay: True Detective vs. Se7en

Down the Tubes is a (semi) regular feature where we, the SAW staff, share our favorite movie-related videos with the Wasteland. 

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YouTube is a wealth of information and entertainment for film fans. When I can’t find anything on streaming or live television, I usually end up browsing there to see what I can get myself into. A video I discovered fairly recently was a discussion of True Detective and Se7en on the channel Lessons From the Screenplay.

The first season of HBO’s True Detective might be my all-time favorite single season of television. In addition to setting the gold standard for police procedurals, it tackled some heavy themes, the philosophy of pessimism among them. Despite the dark, nihilistic thread that runs through the series, it ends on a note of optimism. Lessons From the Screenplay, compares the show another dim story of two cops on the trail of a brutal killer, the 90’s classic Se7en.

Using clips from these stories, the video discusses the pessimism and disillusionment of two of its main characters and how the horrific cases they work on end up, ironically, giving each a spark of hope and a little optimism.

I don’t know anything about the guy who makes these videos. I would guess he is/was a film student. In any case, check this video out. If you enjoy it, I would encourage you to explore the channel. There’s a lot of good stuff on there, and I’ve already learned a thing or two.


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