Down the Tubes: Yahoo Reunites the Cast of ‘Kindergarten Cop’

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It looks like Yahoo Entertainment wanted to steal a little bit of thunder from Josh Gad’s Reunited Apart. The YouTube channel has reunited six of the former “kids” of Kindergarten Cop to reminisce with Yahoo Entertainment about the movie for its 30th anniversary.

However, they had no idea that Arnold Schwarzenegger would make a surprise appearance. If you want to skip to when Arnold shows up (which even Yahoo knew you would do because they put the timestamp in the description) head to 35:26.

I still haven’t seen Kindergarten Cop, but I was still interested in learning what most of these child actors have grown up to do. It is really interesting to learn what most former actors are up to now.

Also, does this mean a Kindergarten Cop animated series written by Stan Lee is coming out soon?!

Do you have any fond memories of Kindergarten Cop? Share them down in the comments!

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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