‘Gargoyles’ Getting Live-Action Reboot for Disney+

Gargoyles is getting Disney’s live-action reboot treatment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gary Dauberman will write, executive produce, and showrun a new Gargoyles series for Disney+. The fan-favorite Walt Disney Television Animation series originally aired from 1994 to 1997.

James Wan’s Atomic Monster is also part of this project. Atomic Monster previously worked with Dauberman on the Annabelle horror movies, which are part of The Conjuring Universe. Gargoyles is reportedly in early development at Disney Branded Television.

What Is Gargoyles?

Created by Greig Weisman, Gargoyles involved gargoyle statues moved from a castle in Scotland to modern-day New York. Once in the Big Apple, the statues awaken from a thousand-year-old spell and take on the mantle of protecting the city, becoming, as the show’s narration gravely said, “stone by day, warriors by night.”

The animated Gargoyles series is available to stream on Disney+. We’ll keep you posted on the live-action reboot as more information becomes available.

Are you excited Gargoyles is getting a live-action reboot or would you have preferred an animated continuation?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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