Horror Movie Madness: Best Franchise Championship

Welcome to SAW’s 2nd Horror Movie Madness Tournament where you, the wastelanders, get to determine the Best Horror Franchise of All the Times. 32 Horror Franchises have been matched up and are ready to battle to the death!

We only had one rule for the franchises to qualify and that was they needed to have four or more entries to be considered. TV series and remakes do count.

Vote for each matchup and then come back here to discuss your picks.

The process is easy. Click on the official voting ballot below, vote for each matchup in round one, and submit your form. Voting for the Championship ends Saturday, October 30th at 11:59 pm CST. Check back on Sunday, October 31st to see which franchise was voted the best.


*An email is required and you must select a winner for each matchup. If you haven’t seen a movie from that matchup just pick whichever movie you think deserves to win or you feel like you would watch over the other and then go watch those movies!*

Author: Vincent Kane

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