How Do Real Word Events Affect How You Consume Entertainment?

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Shit has gotten real in the world as of late, and I’ve noticed quite a few people talking about having watched or wanting to watch films about pandemic recently. That’s not really my bag, but it got me thinking about how different people deal with different real world situations when it comes to their movies and TV.

How do you deal with real world events when it comes to your media consumption? Do you seek out movies and TV with themes or scenarios similar to the ones playing out in the news or in your personal life, or are you more likely to avoid reality altogether and dive into something fanciful?

Watching Contagion right about now ain’t my idea of a good time. That may work for some – hell, maybe it’s a type of coping mechanism – but, in times like these, I prefer to check out of reality when I’m watching TV or a movie. I want to watch something that deals with troubles and conflicts that look nothing like my own.

I’ve been watching a bunch of old anime, some Clone Wars episodes, some trashy movies via Monsoon Vision, and a few classic 80s movies like The Wraith.

That’s where I’m at right now.

But what about you? How do real world events shape your viewing habits? 

Tell us about it in the comments and we’ll see you in the trenches!

Author: Billy Dhalgren

“A man writes because he is tormented, because he doubts.” -Andrei Tarkovsky