Kiefer Sutherland to Hunt Down ‘The Fugitive’ in New Remake

Kiefer Sutherland is headed back to TV, in a new way. Sutherland has joined the new  of The Fugitive over at Quibi. And for those of you that don’t know what Quibi is, it is an up and coming American short-form mobile video platform founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg. So this is a pretty big move for the relatively unknown streamer.

Per the Variety article, the new series will be a remake of the 1993 Harrison Ford movie, but with a whole new story line. This time around, Sutherland will play legendary Detective Clay Bryce who is hunting down fugitive Mike Ferro, played by Boyd Holbrook.

Plot Synopsis:

When a bomb rips through the Los Angeles subway train he’s riding on, blue-collar Mike Ferro (Holbrook) just wants to make sure his wife, Allison, and 10-year-old daughter, Pearl, are safe. But the faulty evidence on the ground and “tweet-now, confirm-later” journalism paint a nightmarish picture: it looks to all the world that Mike was responsible for the heinous act. Wrongfully—and very publicly—accused, Mike must prove his innocence by uncovering the real perpetrator, before the legendary cop (Sutherland) heading the investigation can apprehend him.

There was already a remake of the movie, which was a remake of a 1960’s TV series, and that only lasted one season. So maybe it’s a good thing they are changing the plot line up for this new version. Plus with Stephen Hopkins, who previously worked with Sutherland on 24, on board to direct the series, maybe we’ll get some of those good old Jack Bauer vibes back. Anything will be better than what ever Designated Survivor was supposed to be, right?

The Fugitive is slated to launch when Quibi does in April 6, 2020.

What do you guys think? Interested in watching this? Or is it just one of the many new shows on a streaming app you probably won’t get?

Author: K. Alvarez

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