‘Knights of the Old Republic’ Movie in Development at Lucasfilm

I’ve tried guessing at what’s going on at Lucasfilm for a year and a half since The Last Jedi split the fanbase, but, at this point, I give up. When Disney CEO Bob Iger announced at the last Star Wars Celebration that the franchise would be taking a hiatus, I thought maybe someone at Disney had realized they needed to be a little more thoughtful about the direction they want to take the franchise after the so-called Skywalker saga concludes later this year. And as much as this news will probably be celebrated by at least one segment of Star Wars fans, I can’t help but feel like they are still throwing mud at the wall to see if anything sticks.

What’s this all about?

Citing unnamed sources, Buzzfeed broke the news late yesterday that Lucasfilm is currently developing the first film in a trilogy of films based on the popular Knights of the Old Republic video game with Alita: Battle Angel writer Laeta Kalogridis currently working on the script.

I’m skeptical of anything LFL does at this point until I see a trailer or the finished product, but I know this will be well-received by the game’s fan base. And believe me, they’re out there. And they are vocal. I’ll admit I know almost nothing about the game (except that it is set about 4000 years before the events of the films), but I have been told that the underlying story is one of the better ones that has come out of the old Expanded Universe. 

We’ll see? I thought Alita was a fun action/sci-fi flick, but the script is not one of its better qualities. I loved Shutter Island, on the other hand, so who knows?

Still no mention of the Rian Johnson trilogy, and I have to assume this KotOR trilogy is something entirely different from the recently-announced Benioff and Weiss trilogy.

Neither Lucasfilm nor Disney has confirmed this news, so maybe don’t go out and get wasted on death sticks just yet.

So, what’s the word? You down for some ancient Jedi/Sith conflict? Don’t care about Star Wars? Take your trash talking to the comments, folks.

Author: Dhalbaby

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