Lucasfilm Is Reportedly Developing an ‘Indiana Jones’ Series for Disney+

It looks like Disney isn’t going to let Lucasfilm retire one of its most profitable franchises.

According to Variety, an Indiana Jones series is being eyed for Disney+. Apparently, both studios have begun “bringing up the possibility of a streaming show set in the world of the globe-trotting archaeologist in general meetings with writers of late.” No writers are attached to the project yet, meaning we have no clue what this potential series could be about.

I’ll admit that this is a surprising development for Lucasfilm and Disney, especially after Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy previously stated that no one would ever replace Harrison Ford as Indy after the actor retires from the role following Indiana Jones 5. Are they about to announce a Mutt Williams spinoff series? Is that what’s happening? I mean, I’m down, but I’m sure the majority of the public is not.

Do you know what I’d actually be 100% open to seeing on Disney+? A fully realized version of that great animated short by Patrick Schoenmaker that made the rounds online about six years ago. Titled The Adventures of Indiana Jones, Schoenmaker created an animated opening sequence for a potential TV series that would have been set during Indy’s prime. If Disney wants to basically steal that concept (and art style) and bring something like that to life, I’m there.

If the Indiana Jones series get the greenlight, it will be the second series based on the popular action-adventure franchise after The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. That series aired for two seasons on ABC from 1992-1993, with four made-for-TV specials airing on the channel now known as Freeform between 1994 and 1996.

Ford will make his final appearance as Indiana Jones in the untitled Indiana Jones 5, which is currently scheduled to hit theaters on June 30, 2023.

Do you think an Indiana Jones series without Harrison Ford is a good idea?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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