‘Marriage Story’ and Four More Films For Adam Driver’s Birthday

It’s my birthday! But more notably, it’s also Adam Driver’s birthday. To mark the occasion, here are five of my favorite Adam Driver performances.

Marriage Story (2019)

This film, written and directed by Noah Baumbach, not only created several memeable moments and .gifs, also gave us a performance by Adam Driver that earned him an Oscar nomination. Driver perfectly encapsulates the raw emotions of a man trying very hard to do whatever possible to stay in his young son’s life. The chemistry between him and Scarlett Johansson is beyond palpable. It’s beautifully heart-wrenching. Driver not only punched a hole in the drywall, but in our soul as well.

BlacKkKlansman (2018)

A Spike Lee Joint that may have been part of John David Washington’s coming out party but as usual, Adam Driver shines in a role difficult for many to watch. Driver plays a police officer infiltrating the KKK alongside Washington’s character. Driver often has to play seemingly calm to the antagonists but the audience needs to be aware that internally he is sweating bullets. On paper this seems to be an impossible task. We see it a ton in spy movies and perhaps we are starting to take that trope for granted. I know I was on edge for most of BlacKkKlansman and it was mostly in part due to Washington and my birthday twin, Adam Driver.

The Dead Don’t Die (2019)

This is not like your typical zombie flick. And you may think, “Oh, it’s like Edgar Wright’s ‘Shaun of the Dead’”. Afraid not. This is not for everyone. If you enjoy very dry humor and over the top gore, then you will love The Dead Don’t Die. Driver is the super aware local police officer trying to make sense of the sudden zombie outbreak in his small town. The town itself is full of fun characters. The whole cast is just completely stacked. If you are unfamiliar with this movie, do yourself the favor and give it a shot. We’re locked up in a pandemic. What else are you doing for my and Adam’s birthday. But be warned: There are as many left turns in The Dead Don’t Die than there is in a NASCAR race.

Logan Lucky (2017)

Speaking of NASCAR, Logan Lucky, directed by Steven Soderbergh of Ocean’s fame, is another heist movie but definitely lays heavier on the comedic talents of its cast. Driver is Clyde Logan. The younger brother of Channing Tatum’s Jimmy Logan. Despite believing their family is cursed, Jimmy convinces Clyde to pull off the hillbilly heist of the century by robbing a vault during a major NASCAR event. Driver is no stranger to comedy coming from the HBO series, Girls. I always believe that it is the most under-appreciated aspect of his craft. This film is deeply rooted in familial themes. Soderbergh didn’t have to clean up all plot holes for this major studio comedy. But he did. He did it so well.

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi  (2017)

Yeah. I’m not talking about Adam Driver and not talking about MY FAVORITE Star Wars sequel movie. No, I will not be taking questions at this time either. Driver is a shining moment in all of his appearances as Kylo Ren. The Last Jedi specifically for me though is his best work in any of his film or television appearances. Help definitely came from Rian Johnson who added a ton of depth to the character. Making him more of a sympathetic antagonist. Driver brought it home in this installment of Star Wars. It reminded me what I loved of Star Wars. It’s not all laser swords and pew pews. It is about the internal fight in everyone. Light vs Dark. Only to be mirrored beautifully by Rey. Last Jedi supremacy on my and Adam’s birthday. I don’t make the rules.

What are some of your favorite films to feature Adam Driver? Let us know down below!

Author: Cody Legens

A guy who probably cares too much about fictional characters and the worlds they inhabit. And his dog.