More SAW Merch: New Movie-Inspired Logos, Original Artwork & More!

In the wasteland, the clouds are orange, the sand is irritating, and all there is to quench your thirst is a pint at the Dhalhouse. The collapse of society in the aftermath of the Streaming Wars has left many without homes, identities, and even realities. A few wander the empty highways searching for any semblance of the life they once had.

Those select few are known as Screenagers, and they carry the film of a new generation. The hope that the world will return to order rests in their hands. The road ahead will be one filled with gangs, gypsies, mutations, and whatever else this new reality has pulled from cinema.

Earth is no more. Now there is only the ScreenAge Wasteland. Welcome.

Earlier in the year we created some new movie logo inspired graphics and guess what now there is even more!!

This time around we have a second wave of movie-inspired ScreenAge Wasteland logos that are homages to some popular films and TV shows like Pulp Fiction, Stranger Things, Friday the 13th and The Godfather. We had a couple others but they were deemed to be infringing.  And Bob has a new original piece up as well! So go check that out!!

All the others are still up for grabs as well.  Oh, and for the fans who regularly tune into MonsoonVision every Sunday at 7PM CST there is now a graphic tee featuring the MonsoonVision logo available for purchase. The graphic looks great on a coffee mug!!

So take a look around at our Redbubble store and pick up some new stuff. ScreenAge Wasteland is a volunteer, community-driven website and any support you can give is greatly appreciated.

Author: K. Alvarez

A king without a throne.