Movie Madness Tournament: Best of the 2010s Round Two

It’s finally here! SAW’s 1st Annual Movie Madness Tournament to determine what is the best movie of the 2010s. The process was started almost a year ago in order to decide the best of the best films from the past decade. Films were graded by an intricate scoring system in order to eliminate bias and subjectivity to help find the best field of 64 films we could gather. We also had five vote in polls where you guys helped select the remaining films. Seeds and matchups are the only places where subjectivity came into play to help spread the movies out to avoid certain genres from being piled together.

The process is easy. Click on the official voting ballot below, vote for each matchup in round two and submit your form. Voting for round two ends Saturday, March 14th at 11:59 pm CST. Check back on Sunday, March 8th to see who won and to vote for the second round. We will continue weekly till there is one movie standing tall above the rest as the best movie of the 2010s.

Voting is closed for this round.

Round One Thoughts

Miller Region

Big winner: As predicted, Mad Max: Fury Road dominated but surprisingly wasn’t a unanimous victor like I thought would be as The Wailing stole one vote.

Big upset: There were a few upsets this region but the biggest being #15 seed Eighth Grade taking #2 Boyhood. Girl Power!

Next round: Fury Road should roll through round two easily again, but the other three matchups are interesting. #4 Whiplash vs #12 Take Shelter is going to be a tough one for me.

Fincher Region

Big winner: This was the region of big winners. Six out of the eight matchups ended in landslides but #3 Parasite had the largest margin of victory over 2015’s Spotlight getting 95.5% of the votes.

Big upset: There were a couple of upsets but none that weren’t expected as lower seeds Hereditary and The Wolf of Wall Street were most likely picked to win.

Next round: #9 Logan vs #1 The Social Network is an interesting matchup that is ripe for an upset.

Jenkins Region

Big winner: Spiderverse rightfully destroyed The Florida Project by getting 91% of the votes.

Big upset: There wasn’t a big upset here to me but I was surprised by how close the Gone Girl vs Drive vote was. I thought Drive would be a bigger winner but it only moves along by a few votes.

Coen Region

Big winner and upset #6 Inception may have had the largest victory taking down The Master 86.4% to 13.6%, but it was 2010’s forgotten child #16 Winter’s Bone beating #1 seed Inside Llewyn Davis. Maybe we should rename this to the Granik Region?

Next Round: I’m interested to see how far the #16 seed can go in this thing. Inside Out vs Arrival and Inception vs The Winter Soldier are two huge matchups that I can see going either way.

Here is the BRACKET and it will be updated after each round to show the winners and losers.

Let us know you what you voted for and which movie you would like to win the whole thing! Were there any tough matchups that you had a tough time deciding on who to vote for?

*An email is required and you must select a winner for each matchup. If you haven’t seen a movie from that matchup just pick whichever movie you think deserves to win and then watch those movies!*

Author: Vincent Kane

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