Movie Reviews in 20 Words or Less | July and August 2022

Over on Twitter I run an account that gives movie reviews in twenty words or less. In a fast and moving world, attention spans can be short, especially on social media. I challenged myself to strip away the excess fat from reviews and post my succinct thoughts that get to the heart of how I feel. New releases, old classics, first-time viewings, and tenth-time rewatches

See below for a round-up of the last two month’s content.

Brubaker – Gripping and violent depiction of one man’s valiant effort to reform a corrupt prison system. Robert Redford on top form.

Up in the Air – Some of the standard romcom clichés, but tight scripting and unexpected twists help elevate it above others in the genre.

Carlito’s Way – A scenery chewing Al Pacino and weasel-like Sean Penn make for a glorious hit of ’90s gangster greatness.

The Gray Man – Big budget. Big stars. Big action. Zero soul. Gosling does his best, but it’s instantly forgettable.

The Call (2020) – A bit slow to get going, but once the premise becomes clear and the twists land, it’s pretty damn good.

Prey – Well crafted thriller with some tense set pieces and a great lead performance. Best in the franchise since the original.

Jennifer’s Body – Horror comedy with some scares, some laughs, and plenty of social commentary. Far from perfect, but it’s certainly enjoyable.

Snatch – The pinnacle of British gangster flicks, with exceptional dialogue, performances and direction. When the plot comes together, it’s incredibly satisfying.

Moonfall – Initially feels like a fun throwback to ’90s action blockbusters, then completely goes off the rails. So bad, it’s bad.

Headhunters – Dark, funny, and action packed, the non-stop twists keep you on the edge of your seat. Great stuff.

Jawbone – Gritty depiction of addiction, unlicensed boxing, and everything in between. Harris is phenomenal in the lead role. An underrated gem.

Have you seen any of these films and if so, what did you think of them?

Author: Lee McCutcheon

Happy to watch absolutely anything, with a soft spot for world cinema.