Night of the Lists Podcast: Trailer

Sailor and Kane love making lists about anything and everything when it comes to movies. Just ask around. The moment a list idea pops into one of our heads or is mentioned, we immediately start the process by discussing what should or shouldn’t make the list, where things should be ranked, and ultimately, begin arguing over those rankings. So after almost a year of deliberating and convincing, we have decided to give this podcast thing a try by bringing you two of our passions. Lists and Horror. On this podcast, we will take a horror topic and give you our top ten (generally). This is a horror podcast for the most knowledgeable of gorehounds or the freshest of horror newbs. Our hope is to give you insights into the horror genre and help you discover some hidden gems.

Check out our trailer below to get a little taste for the horror coming to your ears soon!

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Author: Vincent Kane

I hate things.