Power Ranking: Top TV Shows of the 2010s

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TV exploded in the 10s with all the different streaming services available for content. And there was plenty of content to go around. So, we decided to rank our favorite TV shows from the past decade with the only being the show had to begin no earlier than 2010. 

Vincent Kane:

  1. Peaky Blinders (BBC/Netflix)
  2. Game Of Thrones (HBO)
  3. Justified (FX)
  4. Atlanta (FX)
  5. Hannibal (NBC)


  1. Game of Thrones (HBO)
  2. Better Call Saul (AMC)
  3. Silicon Valley (HBO)
  4. The Terror (AMC)
  5. Legion (FX)

King Alvarez:

  1. Stranger Things (Netflix)
  2. Better Call Saul (AMC)
  3. Hannibal (NBC)
  4. Big Mouth (Netflix)
  5. The Great British Bake Off (BBC)

Marmaduke Karlston:

  1. Stranger Things (Netflix)
  2. Better Call Saul (AMC)
  3. Westworld (HBO)
  4. The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)
  5. Sherlock (BBC)

Sailor Monsoon:

  1. Adventure Time (Cartoon Network)
  2. Nirvanna the Band the Show (Viceland)
  3. Nathan For You (Comedy Central)
  4. Hannibal (NBC)
  5. Danger 5 (SBS One)

Romona Comet:

  1. The Leftovers (HBO)
  2. Bob’s Burgers (FOX)
  3. Stranger Things (Netflix)
  4. True Detective (HBO)
  5. Schitt’s Creek (POP)

Mitch Roush:

  1. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)
  2. Fleabag (BBC/Amazon)
  3. The Newsroom (HBO)
  4. Baskets (FX)
  5. Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Ralph Jacobs:

  1. Game of Thrones (HBO)
  2. Twin Peaks: The Return (Showtime)
  3. The Walking Dead (AMC)
  4. Daredevil (Netflix)
  5. Mindhunter (Netflix)

Bob Cram Jr.:

  1. Westworld (HBO)
  2. The Expanse (SyFy/Amazon)
  3. Legion (FX)
  4. Stranger Things (Netflix)
  5. Awake (NBC)

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Author: Vincent Kane

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