Roland Emmerich’s ‘Midway’ Gets a Poster

Recently, a poster was released for Roland Emmerich‘s upcoming World War Two epic, MidwayThis is a good thing, because I had forgotten this movie was being made.  Check it out:

Emmerich is known mainly for big, mediocre, effects-laden behemoths like Independence Day and Independence Day 2: Because Why Not?, so I’m not particularly hopeful that this could be any better than, say, a film about Pearl Harbor by Michael Bay.

Just about any other competent director in the driver’s seat would probably have me pretty pumped. On the other hand, I’m a history buff and the Second World War is one of the areas I’m most interested in. In other words, I’ll probably get suckered into watching this.

The Battle of Midway was fought from June 4, 1942-June 7, 1942 and was a major turning point in the Pacific Theater of the war. It’s an event certainly worthy of the big-budget treatment. I just hope this film does the battle (and the men who fought it) justice.

Midway will star Woody Harrelson, Jake Weber, Luke Evans, Mandy Moore, and Patrick Wilson. Release is set for November 8.