Samara Weaving and Tony Revolori Join ‘Scream 6’

Samara Weaving (Ready or Not, The Babysitter) and Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Spider-Man: Homecoming) have joined the cast of Scream 6.

Bloody Disgusting reported the casting news, but there’s no word yet on who they’ll play. However, BD reports that Weaving was originally approached for a starring role in 2022’s Scream. Scheduling conflicts prevented the actor from starring in the fifth film in the meta-slasher franchise, but it looks like Ghostface will have his chance to kill Weaving after all.

In the brand new movie, “The Scream saga continues with the four survivors of the Ghostface killings as they leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter” in New York City.

Scream 6 is scheduled to open in theaters on March 31, 2023

Are you stoked to see Samara Weaving join the cast of Scream 6?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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