The 10 Most Underrated Romantic Movies

It’s that time of year again where millions of people pay homage to an obscure saint, that scholars cannot decide whether or not ever really existed, by buying copious amounts of chocolate and flowers. We could be celebrating Lupercalia—the pagan tradition of averting evil and purification by way of cool ass wolf masks—or Feast Day, where you dined like a beast with no regrets or judgements, but those pesky Catholics wanted another religious day on the calendar, so now we’re stuck with a lame ass holiday greeting card companies use to guilt us into buying shit.

In honor of the (alleged) saint of love, Romona Comet and Sailor Monsoon present ten underrated romantic films that you should watch, but will most likely end up being played in the background during the ol’ Netflix and Chill.

10. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)

Underrated is being used loosely here considering this is one of the most popular foreign musicals ever made but I feel as though it still hasn’t found its American audience yet. The easiest way to describe this film is “La La Land by way of Wes Anderson but way more charming.” It’s utterly delightful and is impossible not to love.

Sailor Monsoon

09. Playing by Heart (1998)

Before Love Actually boosted the popularity of intertwining, connected love stories, there was Playing By Heart, an ensemble comedy with an incredibly talented cast anchored by Sean Connery and Gena Rowlands as an older couple preparing to renew their wedding vows. The movie is as much a drama as it is a comedy and it does an excellent job navigating matters of the heart while painting a rare, realistic view of relationships.

Romona Comet

08. Miracle Mile (1988)

If you’re like me, you probably use this as a barometer to gauge another persons taste in film. If they love it, you know you’re in great company and if they dislike it, well, there’s almost 8 billion other people in the world….

Sailor Monsoon

Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) are a separated couple who continue to hang out like best friends in <em>Celeste and Jesse Forever</em>. Jones also co-wrote the film.

07. Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

This is a movie I’ve only watched recently and I wanted to kick myself for not discovering it earlier. Celeste and Jesse Forever is not a typical love story, considering it begins with the two leads separated and headed for divorce. But it’s another realistic view at relationships and marriage, more specifically what happens when romantic love eventually shifts into platonic love and you risk losing your best friend. It’s a smart movie with extremely strong performances by Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg.

Romona Comet

06. Down with Love (2003)

Before he joined the MCU to direct CGI ants, Peyton Reed helmed a loving pastiche of those silly Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies of the 60’s. An adorable send up of the sex farces of days past, Down with Love is the closest thing we have to a 20th century screwball comedy.

Sailor Monsoon

05. Drinking Buddies (2013)

A mostly improvised movie about that blurred line between friendship and love, Drinking Buddies is a romantic dramedy that is anything but predictable. Thanks to flawed, but likable leads and sharp direction, this is a romance that feels natural and honest.

Romona Comet

04. David and Lisa (1962)

I once described this film as “Silver Linings Playbook by way of Peter Bogdanovich.” As much as I love Silver Linings Playbook, this film is superior in every way. The directing, the writing, the acting, the cinematography. Everything is first rate. This is not only one of the most underrated romances of the 60’s but one of the most underrated films period.

Sailor Monsoon

03. Before We Go (2014)

Sticking somewhat to my “realistic” romances, Before We Go is a film that I think deserves a lot more attention. For two people, one married and one heartbroken, a chance meeting in Grand Central Station leads to a night of wandering the streets of New York City as they help one another through some major life choices and complicated emotions. The ending is ambiguous and honest but still makes you believe in love, even if the timing isn’t always right.

Romona Comet

02. Definitely, Maybe (2008)

I think this movie is one that should end up on any and all lists of underrated romances. It’s a clever romantic comedy centered around a newly divorced father who tells his young daughter the story of how he met her mother. But to keep things interesting, there are actually three women and three love stories to be told, and the movie keeps you guessing as to who ultimately ends up being the bride… and future ex-wife.

Romona Comet

01. To Find a Man (1972)

A romance built around an abortion. Sounds like a dark comedy Hal Ashby would’ve made right after Harold and Maude, and after watching it, you’ll be dumbfounded that this just disappeared. This is easily as good if not better than the best of Ashby’s work. The subject matter is as pitch black as they come but the characters keep it from being morbid. This is a film screaming for the Criterion Collection treatment. It’s that great.

Sailor Monsoon

Have you seen any of our top 10 underrated romance films? What are some underrated romance films that you think deserve to be seen? Share them down in the comments!

Author: Sailor Monsoon

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