Total Recast | Episode 12: ‘Lord of Illusions’ (1995)

Sailor and Kane review and recast one of our favorite, but albeit, a very flawed horror film from the 90s directed by Clive Barker, Lord of Illusions. We discuss our issues and just how close this horror noir was to being really good. This is is one of our first picks that could benefit from an updated take and we are here to give our take on it.

Here are some things discussed during the episode:

Where does this rank among Clive Barker adaptations?

The “in your face” subtext.

We take on sexual orientations.

Kane fixates on tight pants.

Somehow we get on a Taken tangent.

We have a theory of why Marilyn Monroe was taken out.

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Lord of Illusions

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Author: Vincent Kane

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