Total Recast | Bonus Episode: Merry Twilightmas!!!

Merry Twilightmas err body!

It is the greatest time of year so we are here to spread some Twilightmas cheer and discuss the greatest franchise of all the times, The Twilight Saga.

We have vampires, we have werewolves, we have love triangles and battles, Six-packs, we got pre-oscar Rami Malek, there’s our beautiful baby boy R-Patt, and of course supple Kristen Stewart

Sailor gleefully watched this entire franchise for the first time so we can discuss each film in-depth with intellectual and thought-provoking analysis.

All kidding aside, Total Recast does want to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our listeners and supporters while bringing something as silly and as stupid for you to enjoy during your Christmas break. All four hours of it. Yes, four hours.


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Author: Vincent Kane

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