Trailer For Chris Rock’s ‘Saw’ Reboot Is a Worst Title of the Year Candidate

Last year we learned that Chris Rock had developed a new concept to reboot the Saw franchise and today, Lionsgate dropped the first trailer with a ridiculous title.

And the winner for the worst title of the year goes to Spiral: From the Book of Saw. I had some hopes for this “re-imagining” and any excitement has begun to dwindle. Generic is a word that comes to mind while watching this trailer. Like a generic version of David Fincher’s Seven. Old jaded cop speech to young cop with a wife and kid that something bad is going to happen too. Check. Slowed down version of the original score that’s a little too much like IT. Check. Samuel L. Jackson, who is playing Chris Rock’s father, saying “motherfucker”. CHECK.

So we learn that whoever is doing this, is targeting cops. I can dig that angle. Rock’s, who I can’t take seriously in this role as of now, Detective Banks gets called to a gruesome crime scene where we see red spirals painted everywhere. Those same spirals are reminiscent of the ones from Billy’s cheek. You know Jigsaw’s creepy puppet and apparently significant enough to be in the title. Saw: Spiral would have been better, no? A couple of traps are teased, including a callback to the original one that started it all. How does this new killer connect to the previous events of the franchise? And will Jigsaw himself (Tobin Bell) be making any sort of appearance in the movie?

I have to admit, this poster is pretty damn cool.

I guess we will find out soon enough as the franchise returns to the big screen on May 15, 2020.

Well screenagers, what do you think of the first trailer of Chris Rock’s re-imagining? More or less excited to see it? What do you think of the title Spiral: From the Book of Saw?

Author: Vincent Kane

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