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Total recast Episode 3!!

Mitch picked us some movies to stream this month.

And since it’s Spielberg month we ranked some movies and shows inspired by him.

Loki 1×02 Spoiler Thread

‘Loki’ Season 1.02 “The Variant” Spoiler Thread


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Sunday 6/8 at 9PM CST

Movie: UHF (1989)

“After losing yet another job, George wonders if there is any career that can handle his outrageous personality. When George’s uncle hands him the deed to a local TV station, George creates a series of television shows based on social satire and hyperactive humor, with the help of his best friend, Bob. However, a rival station’s bitter CEO tries to destroy George’s wacky programming, forcing him to fight back.”

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Loki (2021) – Great first couple of episodes. I really dig the vibe to this show so far and can’t wait to see how it ties into Phase 4. Sorry my MCU excitement is showing. 4/5

Mare of Eastown (2021) – Finally got to the last episode this week and man was this a solid mystery. I really enjoyed everything about this one. I’m ok either way if they do or do not make a season 2.   4/5

Black Rain (1989) – Not one of Ridley Scott’s best. It’s a little slow and cheesy in parts and Kate Capshaw just really isn’t a good actress. 2.5/5

The Last of the Finest (1990) – Not as great as I hoped, but it was still kinda enjoyable. Same as Black Rain, it’s a little slow and cheesy in parts. It’s got a great main cast, but all the secondary actors are garbage. 2.75/5 


Weekend Wasteland launches in 3, 2, 1…

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