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‘Moon Knight’ Season 1.02 “Summon the Suit” Spoiler Thread


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The Contractor (2022) – Starts out as a strong movie about a guy a little down on his luck after he is involuntarily discharged from the Army. Needing to pay bills and provide for his family he takes on a private contracting gig. Unfortunately things go wrong on his first job. I feel like there some parts missing in the film and the third act is a little sloppy.  3/5

Serenity (2005) – After finishing Firefly we watched this. It’s a pretty good closer for the series, which I still enjoy, but on second watch I see why it was cancelled. The film does good by wrapping things up and explaining the Reavers. 3.75/5

Gojira (1954) – Bob’s MSM got me to revisit the original film. I hadn’t seen it in YEARS. It’s still a great film and so very different from many of the films that followed it. Especially the newest remakes. There’s a seriousness to it that is so profound, especially for the time it was released. 4/5

The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For (2022) – A 3 part documentary about all the craziness behind one of the shittiest clothing empires to exist. And it seriously is pretty cray what went on behind the scenes of the company and I’m only one episode in so far. 3.5/5


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