Weekend Fallout: Ready or Not

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Let us know what you have been watching recently on the big and small screen. Excited about any upcoming releases? Doing anything fun this weekend? Simply sitting around in your underwear eating dang quesadillas while watching movies and endlessly scrolling through social media? Let us know below!


 The horror movie releasing this weekend, Ready or Not, has a group of people playing the game Hide and Seek. Did you have a favorite childhood game that you loved to play as a kid? What was it?


Good Boys (2019)

“Three 7th grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls, and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party.”

Superbad but with tweens. It was was just okay. There were a few genuinely funny moments but it they tried way to hard to fit as many jokes and gags as they could in the 90 minute run time. (3.25/5)

Twins (1988)

“A physically perfect but innocent man goes in search of his long-lost twin brother, who is short, a womanizer, and small-time crook.”

“Tonight is your night, bro. Tonight is your night, bro.” It has been a while since I have seen this movie and it is still hilarious. I don’t think Arnie was ever this funny and pairing him up with Danny Devito was genius. (3.75/5)

Friday Night Lights (2004)
“Based on H.G. Bissinger’s book, which profiled the economically depressed town of Odessa, Texas and their heroic high school football team, The Permian High Panthers.”

Now this hits home with me as I grew up in the culture of the Texas football religion. I played football as a kid through my senior year in one of the most gorgeous settings there is and that is small town football under Friday night lights. Haven’t missed too many since. This is one of the closest representations there is of high school football in Texas, not to this extreme of course, but pretty close. FNL is a loose telling of actual events during the 1988 season and is extremely well done. Solid performances from all involved with a standout performance from Billy Bob Thornton as the head coach. More drama than action but both are fantastic here. This is a football movie I would recommend to people to non-sports fans because of the story told and the performances given. Booby Miles story will just break your heart. Also highly recommend the book the film is based on of the same name as it is an excellent read. The writer, Bissinger, actually moved to Odessa, Tx during 1988 in order to follow the team, interact with the community and the players families. (4/5)


Mindhunter Season 2.01-08

This show is so dang good and intriguing. It just has a way of sucking me in until Wendy and Gregg’s subplots are in screen. Any time they are on screen by themselves or alone, I lose all interest. Tench’s family story and the case in Atlanta are just off the charts this season.

GLOW Season 3

Probably my least favorite season as this one was really uneven that felt like it had too much stuffed in one season without giving anything the time it needed. Too much focus on side characters for me. Simply needs more Allison Brie and Marc Maron interaction.


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