What Actor Do You Want To See Make A Comeback?

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The entertainment business is a fickle mistress where some are barely lucky enough to even get their 15 minutes of fame. Few actors have been able to maintain a long and successful career without ever leaving the limelight or being lost in the valleys. For those lucky enough to have a hot streak for a few years or an “it” star, almost all of them fade away and are rarely seen or heard from again. Some because of their own doing and others just because of circumstances. We have seen several great comeback stories from the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Drew Barrymore, Mickey Rourke, among others. Who is someone that has faded from stardom and getting big roles that you would love to return for another big run as a leading star?

So the question I ask today is: What actor do you want to see make a comeback?

Mike Myers is one of my favorite SNL members of all time and someone that I loved pretty much anything he did up until The Cat in the Hat and The Love Guru. Wayne’s World, So I Married, and Austin Powers are some of my favorite comedies. I thought he was great in one of his more serious roles in 54. Shrek was a fun animated franchise. I have enjoyed his cameos in Inglorious Basterds and Bohemian Rhapsody but I would love for him to have one more run in a fourth Austin Powers and some more serious roles as well. There is an edge there that I could see him as a deranged serial killer or something similar.

So what about you, folks? What actor do you want to see make a comeback?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Vincent Kane

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