What Content From the Last Decade Will Be Remembered the Most in 40 Years?

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It’s currently ’80s Month at ScreenAge Wasteland, which means that we’re looking back at some of the best the decade had to offer, like the greatest rom-coms and movie classics we wish we could have seen opening night in theaters. We’re also counting down the 100 Greatest ’80s Movies of All-Time. Of course, it’s easy in 2022 to talk about what the greatest films and shows of the 1980s were since the public has had over 40 years to watch and endlessly debate the content made in that decade. So, as a fun social experiment, I thought it’d be cool to flash forward to 2062 and discuss what films and TV shows (released between 2012 to 2022) we think audiences of the future will hold in such high regard as we do to The Empire Strikes BackĀ andĀ Ghostbusters.

So, the question I ask today is: what content released in the last decade will stand the test of time?

Okay, plenty of titles come to mind, but I’m going to focus on two shows and three films. For television, I feel like Ted Lasso and The Boys will always be talked about. The Boys is a rich satire on the superhero genre and that will help set it apart from any Marvel or DC series that follows dated storytelling formulas. Meanwhile, Ted Lasso is a heartfelt comedy that can make you laugh and cry. There are not many shows that can accomplish that these days.

Switching to movies, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse I think will end up being more fondly looked at and rewatched than any of the Tom Holland Spider-Man films. John Wick will always be held up high as the gold standard for action movies of the 2010s; and lastly, Top Gun: Maverick, although still a brand-spanking-new film, will be better remembered in 40 years than the original Top Gun is now. Maverick is 10x better than Top Gun, and I think the film will go down as one of Cruise’s most memorable performances and films.

As for mainstream stuff like the MCU and DCEU? Well, there will always be certain films from those universes that fans will always latch onto even decades from now, but, if I had to choose, I’d say that the MCU stands a better chance of still being talked about in 2062. Beyond Wonder Woman, I cannot see anyone caring about the rest of those films (and God, I hope people are still not asking for #RestoreTheSnyderVerse in 2062).

So what about you, folks? What content from the last decade will be remembered the most by the public in 2062?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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