What Director Has the Most Polarizing Filmography?

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Directing is not an easy job. A film is made or broken at the hand of its director. Likewise, one bad film can derail a promising director’s entire career.

Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock are two examples of directors with a beloved filmography. They may have a handful of duds mixed in with their classics, but the majority of their fans would say that these two have earned their place as some of the best directors to ever step foot in Hollywood.

But what about the more controversial directors? The ones that garner mixed reception on most, if not all, of their films. Their films are successful, but over the years, the director has built an impressive, yet polarizing filmography. Moviegoers and fans of the director cannot agree on whether they like or dislike the director’s output. It has caused a divide among the fans of the director and fans of the films in general.

With all that said, the question I ask today is: what director has the most polarizing filmography?

It has to be Zack Snyder, right? I haven’t seen a director—at least in this century—divide fans as much as he has done. You either love what he has done with the DC superheroes or wish it never existed. He has a passionate group of fans that will campaign #RestoreTheSnyderVerse until their very last breath.

I’ve seen people who have loved what he did with Superman and Batman and those that have hated it. A person’s whole opinion on the DC Extended Universe basically starts and ends on whether they like the darker, Snyder films or the more colorful, non-Snyder films. Snyder has dabbled in everything from animation to adaptations to zombified action films. He definitely has a niche.

I don’t know, I enjoy his DC films quite a bit (Batfleck rules), but I don’t think they’re the greatest superhero films ever made. I don’t think they even crack the top 50. His films are okay at best and that’s all I say on the matter. (We good here?)

So what about you, screenagers? Name a director that you think has a filmography that divides fans of the director itself.

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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