Which Horror Icon Do You Want to Be Killed By?

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I would love to know if anyone has ever done research to see if October is actually the month when horror movies get watched the most. Maybe someone already has, and now you know I was too lazy to Google it. No matter what the results would say, it’s clear that horror movies get a lot of attention over the 31 days leading up to Halloween.

And with every horror movie, there is a chance for a new horror icon to arise. Halloween introduced us to Michael Myers and Laurie Strode while Friday the 13th Part III gave us Jason Voorhees (in the look we’re most familiar with), and A Nightmare on Elm Street birthed Freddy Krueger. There’s also Jigsaw (Saw), Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Pennywise (IT), the list just goes on and on. There’s a number of popular horror icons that have slashed their way into our hearts.

So the question I ask today is: which horror icon do you want to be killed by?

A gruesome question, I know. But since it’s almost Halloween, let’s double that gore. I immediately had two options when I posed the question to myself: Norman Bates and Chucky. Norman Bates would be a fine answer, but I’m not really his target demographic. Also, I would go with the Bates Motel version of the character, played to perfection by Freddie Highmore.

So instead, I chose Chucky of the Child’s Play franchise for the simple fact that he is a redhead, and I am a redhead. He’s a toy that is possessed by the soul of a serial killer, and I have no soul. It sounds almost poetic when I put it that way.

But honestly, Chucky is a little badass and I’d be honored to die by his hand. Even if his outfit is almost as ugly as Freddy Krueger’s sweater.

So what about you, folks? Who would you want to be killed by if you had the choice?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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