‘You’ Season 2 Teaser: Joe Takes Los Angeles

Netflix has released the official trailer for the second season of You, and if you haven’t been watching this show you need to rectify that immediately.

“That’s the thing about L.A, everyone is pretending to be somebody they’re not.”

I fucking love You. It and Stranger Things are the two main reasons why I can’t help but be glad Netflix exists. The first season of You, based on the Caroline Kepnes novel of the same name, originally premiered on Lifetime back in 2018 without much fanfare.

However, Netflix dropped the season onto its service and it became an overnight sensation. It watched it with my friends and became immediately hooked, not just because the story was great, but because Joe Goldberg is such a complex character.

Penn Badgley as Joe was perfect casting. He nails the patronizing narration and critique of 21st century culture. Take that quote about Los Angeles above. Sure, he then immediately tells the barista his name is Will, but that’s the point. He takes the fake-ness and uses it against everyone.

Another amazing part of You is that you’re immediately made to hate Joe because he is a creep, but you end up sort of loving him because everything he says makes sense. He’s spot on about how dangerous it is to constantly be tweeting what you’re doing, or posting pictures of yourself online that accidentally reveal your home location or where you most frequent.

Season 2 is loosely based on Kepnes’s novel Hidden Bodies. I’m interested to see how it’s adapted for Netflix given that season 1 changed the ending of the first novel in the series. Kepnes is also working on a third and fourth book in the series, so if You continues to be popular, you can bet on seeing more Joe.

Plot Synopsis:

The second season follows Joe Goldberg, who upon taking a trip to Los Angeles, has his eyes and obsession set on aspiring chef, Love Quinn.

You season 2 premieres December 26, 2019 on Netflix.

What do you guys think? Interested in seeing this at all?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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