Annabelle Wallis and George Young Cast in James Wan’s Secret Horror Film ‘Silvercup’ [Updated]

UPDATE: Variety reports that actor George Young (Containment) has been cast as the male lead in the film, which is now tentatively titled Silvercup.

Out original article from yesterday continues below.

Variety exclusively revealed that Annabelle Wallis (The Loudest Voice) has been cast in James Wan’s top secret horror project.

Wan plans to start shooting the film this fall in Los Angeles before he jumps into pre-production for Aquaman 2 in 2020. Plot details are currently being kept under wraps. Wan came up with the story with Ingrid Bisu.

James Wan is one of the modern masters of horror. He slowly spun an entire cinematic universe out of The Conjuring, and has been behind two $1 billion films (Furious 7 and Aquaman). He’s earned the right to make whatever the hell he wants, and he wants to go back to his roots and shoot a horror film.

Let’s hope it’s a damn good one, because those Conjuring films are boring. (shots fired)

As for Wallis, I haven’t seen her in anything, so I can’t judge whether I like this casting or not. Let me go watch 2017’s The Mummy and get back to you.

Are you excited that Wan is making a new horror film? What do you think the story could be?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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