Check Out the New ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Character Posters

We have one month to go before the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker so it is pretty fitting that Lucasfilm/Disney dropped a boatload of character posters to highlight the returning classic characters but also giving us a a really good look at some of the new ones like Naomi Ackie as Jannah, and the masked Keri Russell as Zorii Bliss as well.

There’s nothing overly special about these, but they are nice and clean which is good I guess. But even the ones from The Last Jedi were clean but had uniqueness to them. And well, were better than the movie itself as a whole. These kinda just look like the old toy packaging. Which is what they might have been going for. I don’t hate them, but I also wouldn’t want them on my walls at my house.

The Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters December 20, 2020.

What do you guys think of the posters?

Author: K. Alvarez

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