‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 Spoiler Thread

Don’t you hate spoilers? Possibly the only thing worse than spoilers is not being able to freely talk about a film you just saw. Well, fear not. Here at ScreenAge Wasteland, you can Spoil Away! with season 4 of Cobra Kai.

Season 4 of one of Netflix’s biggest hits dropped on New Years Eve. It took me a few days to get to it, but it was worth it. This season was a solid improvement on last season if you ask me. And even though it ties into the third (and probably worst) film of the original trilogy, I think they did a REALLY good job with all the characters. I though the little “twists” at the end were really well done and I like what it is setting up. My one complaint is all the slow-mo fighting. I feel like it detracts from the sequences and make the fighting look less impressive. But what do I know?

The comments below have been spoiler certified. So what did you think of Cobra Kai‘s latest season?

Author: K. Alvarez

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