Countdown to 2022: What to Expect from SAW in the New Year


ScreenAge Wasteland had another tremendous year of growth. We continuously set new monthly visitor and view records, and doubled last year’s total visitors and views.

Whether you read, comment, or share our articles, you have all helped make this site thrive and that has allowed SAW to expand in ways we thought were not possible. We helped beta test the badges feature for Disqus (which was a lot of fun), and in return they wrote quite a nice Publisher Spotlight on us for their blog. We also dipped our feet into the world of podcasting with the launches of Night of the Lists (R.I.P.) and Total Recast, both hosted by Sailor and Kane.

We are so thankful for being able to expand and try new things under the ScreenAge Wasteland brand. As a volunteer-driven site, we do this because we love this community and talking/arguing about movies with you all. It’s shocking to find a place online where, despite our disagreements, we can remain respectful of each other’s views.

If you are a new reader, or someone who has been reading since day one, but have been too afraid to make a Disqus account and join in on the discussion, now is the perfect time to do so. So please consider signing up for a Disqus account as we love to see new avatar faces pop up in the comment sections.

Still don’t want to comment, but have some feedback for the site? Why not fill out this super quick and easy questionnaire and tell us some areas where we can improve in 2022. 

Lastly, SAW is nothing without its devoted team who volunteer their time to write articles and participate in group collaborations. That is why SAW would like to give a hearty shout-out to Vincent Kane, Sailor Monsoon, K. Alvarez, Billy Dhalgren, Marmaduke Karlston, Romona Comet, Mitch Roush, Bob Cram, Jacob Holmes, Lee McCutcheon, Mark Naff, Ralph Hosch, Asa, Raf Stitt, D. N. Williams, and Becky O’Brien. We could not do it without you guys!

Again, we thank you for your readership and hope to continue to bring you the content you enjoy for years to come. We’ll see you in the trenches.

A Taste of 2022

  • The Best of the Best. Get ready for the SAW team to individually reveal their personal five (or ten) favorite films of 2021, beginning mid-January.
  • One Podcast, Two Podcast, Three Podcast, More? Sailor and Kane’s Total Recast podcast continues to delight, but keep an eye out for more—at least we hope—podcasts from ScreenAge Wasteland launching throughout the year.
  • More Theme Months. You like ’em, so we’ll keep doing ’em. Superheroes, gangsters, action heroes, oh my!
  • And the winner is… Nominations for the 3rd Annual SAWards, honoring the best films of 2021, will be announced mid-February. The winners will be revealed in March.

How are you ringing in the new year? Do you have any movie new year resolutions? Share them down in the comments below!

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Author: Marmaduke Karlston

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"