What are Your Movie New Year’s Resolutions for 2022?

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The following was previously written by Dhalgren back in 2020:

Goodreads has a feature called Reading Challenge that allows users to set reading goals for the year. Basically, you tell the app how many books you want to read, and then you log the books you’ve read throughout the year, and it tracks how close or far away you are from reaching your goal. It’s a nifty feature for people who are into goal setting or who are just interested in tracking and seeing what their reading habits looked like, how they changed or didn’t change, throughout the course of a year.

That’s great for book nerds, but what about us cinephiles? I know at least a few fellow film fans who set goals and track their movie watching habits (Our own Sailor Monsoon watches a movie a day – at least) throughout the year and beyond.

But what about you screenagers: What movie-oriented goals do you have for 2022? Want to watch more independent or obscure movies? Have a TV series everyone is talking about that you haven’t checked out yet? Will 2022 be the year you embrace subtitles?

Personally, my movie new year’s resolution is to start getting through my insane backlog of movies I own, but have yet to watch. Seriously, it’s getting a bit insane. I’ve cut myself off from buying more than one movie on Blu-ray/DVD a month. I’m hoping to watch all the movies I own that are under 90 minutes long by mid-March.

TV wise, it’s the same thing. I want to catch up on the latest seasons of Better Call Saul, Westworld, and Fargo. I also want to finish Arrow and maybe catch up on The Flash. It’s going to be a year of shortening watchlists for me!

Now it’s your turn to answer the question: What are your movie New Year’s resolutions for 2022? 

Tell us all about it in the comments and we’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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