David Fincher’s Next Film to be a Black and White Netflix Original

It’s been five years since director David Fincher’s last film, but he is returning to the big…small…streaming screen? I don’t know the lingo, but his next film will be a Netflix Original that will star Gary Oldman (Dark Knight Trilogy) in a biopic about writer Herman J. Mankiewicz. The film will be shot in black and white to keep with “the classic Hollywood vibe,” according to THR.

Howard “Jack” Fincher, David’s father, wrote the screenplay for Mank and apparently David wanted to make this as a follow-up to his 1997 movie The Game. This type of film was probably a hard sell to a traditional studio, but with his relationship and success with Netflix, it seems like a no brainer. Mank will follow the life of Oscar-winning Mankiewicz who went from a newspaperman to racking up over 90 Hollywood writing credits. Mankiewicz co-wrote Citizen Kane with Orson Welles; both won an Oscar for their work, although Welles famously tried to wrestle credit away from Mank for his contributions.

What do you think wasteoids? Exciting to see Fincher return to full length films and to see how a Fincher black and white biopic will turn out?

Author: Vincent Kane

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