Do Post-Credit Scenes Even Matter Anymore?

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With the release of Iron Man in 2008, Samuel L. Jackson appeared as Nick Fury at the very end of the movie. His appearance would set up the entire MCU as we know it today.

Given Marvels success at doing so, many other studios followed suit and have since tried to establish their own comic book movie connected universes and failing miserably.

Fifteen years later, the trend is still happening.

Two recent movies, Black Adam and Morbius, both have post-credit scenes. Both intended to be the beginning of something “new” for WB and Sony. However, both movies failed to resonate with both critics and fans alike. Resulting in both movies futures being scrapped entirely and both post-credit scenes seemingly having absolutely no purpose.

So, the question I ask today is: Do post-credit scenes even matter anymore?

Personally, I don’t feel that movie goers know what they want until it has been given to them. When Iron Man came out back in 2008, it was innovative. But this is how trends start, something just needs to catch on. Now it’s becoming a little “been there, done that”.

But it’s still working for the MCU, so why should anything change?

I don’t think every comic book movie has to be connected anymore. I feel that it has become a staple in the MCU and that is where it should remain. As far as everybody else is concerned: it’s obviously not working and I think that they should just stop trying.

Instead of Black Adam setting up a movie that would’ve pit Superman against himself, WB should’ve just given the audience the movie they tried to setup instead of the one we got.

So what about you, screenagers? Do post-credit scenes even matter anymore?

I’ll see you in the trenches.