‘Dolittle’ Trailer: Robert Downey Jr. Takes On Another Literary Icon

Universal has just released the official trailer for Dolittle, a new adaptation of the popular series of books. Check out the adventure below.

There’s a popular saying in Hollywood where if you win an Oscar, you get to do whatever the hell you want for your next project. Well, there should be a new saying that applies strictly to actors coming out of a decade long run playing a MCU character. Chris Evans chose to go back to his jock-asshole days of characters with a role in Knives Out while Robert Downey Jr. decided to step into the shoes of another popular literary character.

Downey Jr. literally spent the last decade playing either Tony Stark or Sherlock Holmes. Sure, he had one or two other roles tossed into his filmography, but none were as memorable as the two listed above. His time as Iron Man may be done, but there’s a third Sherlock Holmes on the way, and, maybe, a new franchise in Dolittle.

To be honest, I’ve only seen the Dr. Dolittle film starring Eddie Murphy, but I know that the 1960s film has a giant snail in it. So while the trailer above does a good job at showcasing a fun voyage with animals (and an interesting accent for Downey Jr.), I have to ask, “where is the giant snail?”

That is all.

Plot Synopsis:

After losing his wife seven years earlier, the eccentric Dr. John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.), famed doctor and veterinarian of Queen Victoria’s England, hermits himself away behind the high walls of Dolittle Manor with only his menagerie of exotic animals for company.

But when the young queen (Jessie Buckley) falls gravely ill, a reluctant Dolittle is forced to set sail on an epic adventure to a mythical island in search of a cure, regaining his wit and courage as he crosses old adversaries and discovers wondrous creatures.

The doctor is joined on his quest by a young, self-appointed apprentice (Harry Collett) and a raucous coterie of animal friends, including an anxious gorilla (Rami Malek), an enthusiastic but bird-brained duck (Octavia Spencer), a bickering duo of a cynical ostrich (Kumail Nanjiani) and an upbeat polar bear (John Cena) and a headstrong parrot (Emma Thompson), who serves as Dolittle’s most trusted advisor and confidante.

Dolittle hits theaters January 17, 2020.

Do you think Dolittle can be a rare January hit? Will you be seeing this?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"