Down the Tubes: ‘Never Hike Alone’ is a Glorious Love Letter to ‘Friday the 13th’

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Vincente Disanti is the only reason it isn’t soul-crushingly disappointing that we will never see another Friday the 13th film in our lifetime. His fan film Never Hike Alone is a glorious love letter to the Friday series and the slasher sub-genre on the whole. It is better than at least five official entries and the majority of the series’ copycats (I’m looking at you Hatchet). The film is somehow nostalgic without feeling like an ironic pastiche and filled with references without ever coming across as pandering or fan bait-y.

All Disanti wants to do is deliver an authentic Friday experience that isn’t constantly winking at the audience like so many fan films and homages typically do. At no point does it use its cameo as a crutch or selling point. While very fun and awesome, the short would still be worth recommending even if Thom Matthews didn’t come back as Tommy Jarvis but the fact that he does, is just another reason why it’s incredible.

What did you think about Never Hike Alone? Are you a fan of Friday the 13th and are you excited for the short’s prequel Never Hike in the Snow?

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