Down the Tubes: Indigo Gaming’s ‘The Origins of Cyberpunk’ Takes You Through the History of the Subgenre

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I didn’t become aware of cyberpunk as a subgenre until I was 30 or so. By then, the science fiction offshoot was already decades old and the culture had been profoundly impacted by its punk rock aesthetic and themes of social decay, corporate corruption, and economic inequality. Though cyberpunk began as a literary genre, it’s found its way into everything from movies and TV to video games (including the hotly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 due out this April) and comic books. Though I never had a name for it, I’ve been fascinated with its gritty dystopian settings and tales of low life and high tech for most of my life. 

Whether you’re a diehard fan of the genre or completely new to it, Indigo Gaming’s documentary, The Origins of Cyberpunk (part one of a series), is packed with information on the subject. You may learn something you didn’t know or find some book, game, or movie recommendations to add to your read, play, or watchlist. 


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Author: Dhalbaby

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