‘Father of the Bride II’ (1995) Review

Four years after the events of Father of the Bride, George Banks finds out he’s going to be a grandfather, as Annie is pregnant with her first child. Things become even more complicated and stressful when Nina finds out she’s pregnant… and George is really not ready to become a father again at age 5

I watched Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride II back to back, which made for an enjoyable afternoon. All the major players from the first film return for the sequel, but now it’s planning for two babies instead of a wedding. Steve Martin remains true to form as a frazzled George Banks. George feels far too young to be a grandfather but far too old to be a father again. Unfortunately for him, both choices are out of his hands as Annie and Nina become pregnant simultaneously.

This is really Martin’s movie, occasionally taking a back seat to scene-stealer Martin Short, who returns as wedding planner turned nursery designer Franc. But it’s Martin who anchors the film. George’s inability to cope with life changes is both endearing and frustrating, especially when everyone else seems willing to go with the flow and make the best of an odd situation.

While pleasant, I don’t think Part II is as enjoyable as the first film. It has its humorous moments, sure, but it also seems to be aiming for more syrupy sentimentality than anything else, and that’s what bogs it down from being a pretty great sequel. Some subplots made little sense to me, such as George selling the family home without telling Nina, and I feel like it was nothing more than filler to get the movie at a respectable runtime. This is George’s mid-life crisis at work, but it’s truly a wonder that Nina has stuck by him this long when he’s so prone to impulsive outbursts that affect his entire family.

But I digress! I don’t need to dig too deeply into Father of the Bride II because it’s not supposed to be much more than an inoffensive sequel to an inoffensive movie. As I said, it’s pleasant enough and fun to watch for both Martins (Steve and Short), but if you skip it after watching the first film, you’re really not missing out on much.

If we get a third film, I suggest Grandfather of the Groom, because it would be fun to watch George’s grandson get married. Or even Mother of the Groom, and we can have Annie finally tap into the crazy family gene as her son prepares to get hitched. Let’s do it!

Author: Romona Comet

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