Final ‘Joker’ Trailer Sends in the Clown

Warner Bros. has just unleashed the final Joker trailer on the world and man does it look disturbing.

 Joaquin Phoenix‘s take on the Crown Prince of Crime (as a mentally ill and struggling stand-up comedian) looks to be a pretty damn good one. Way better looking than Suicide Squad‘s take on the character if you ask me.

Also starring in the film is Robert De Niro as a talk show host inspired by his 1982 film The King of Comedy and Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne, a billionaire philanthropist running for mayor of Gotham.

Plot Synopsis:

In 1981, a failed stand-up comedian turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City, slowly rising to become a frightening legend.

The joke is on you October 4, 2019.

I’m really digging this gritty 1980’s NYC vibe have going on here. This is the first DC movie I’m actually excited for. What about you guys?

Author: K. Alvarez

A king without a throne.